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V-belt Correct installation and maintenance

Choose suitable model of  V-Belt , if  not,it  could be appear abnormal situation  on the pulley groove

Before  installation:

1.If the structure of the two axis center distance is adjustable, should first shortened  it, V-belt installed after adjust back in place

2.If two axis center distance is not to adjustable,  set  V-belt into a pulley groove, and then turn another pulley, the V-belt  can be  installed, use the same method with others.

Install  in  progress:

1.Two of the center pulley must be aligned, otherwise it will cause V-belt  unilateral work, serious abrasion, and reduce the service life.

2.Not  mix up old and new V-belt.double  or three lines of a group need to replace,need use the right model before,and make sure each group of V-belt tightness.

3.Prohibit use tools to pry, hard tugging to  V-belt, in case cause it elongation too loose or too tight


1.Avoid oil and stained with mud to V-belt, avoid contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances, to prevent slippage and early damage .

2.If  The machines discontinued for a long time should be removing the v-belts separately store.

3.check and adjustment V-belt  tightness, make it meet the requirements. too loose, easy to slip, cannot pass energy; Stretched too tight,could make V-belt deformation, while forcing more  press to mainshaft bearing  and clutch bearing, so speeding up it abrasion.

Check  the  requirement  tightness  method:

Exert  the 2 kg of vertical pressure, subsidence for 20 to 30 mm advisable.if not , need  to adjust it.


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