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Introduction and characteristics of transmission V belt

        Before explaining the characteristics of the transmission V belt, first to introduce what is the transmission V belt? Transmission V belt is to rely on the two sides of the V belt and the side of the tank to produce friction friction power transmission. Compared with the transmission belt, V belt friction, so it can transmit greater power; V with a flat belt has the advantages of compact structure, and V is no joint transmission belt, so the transmission is steady, is a most widely used in the transmission of the transmission. Here we take a look at the specific characteristics of the transmission V belt.

Four characteristics of the transmission V belt:

1.The common V belt is a kind of circular transmission belt with trapezoidal cross section, which is suitable for the power transmission of small center distance and large transmission ratio.

2.V belt speed: less than or equal to 30 (m/s), narrow band is less than or equal to 40 (m/s); power <400kW, generally less than 40kW; the transmission ratio is less than 6.

3.Composite V tape speed: less than or equal to 40 (m/s); power transmission ratio is less than 8 <150kW.

1, the band is elastic, can ease the impact load, smooth operation without noise.

2, overload will cause the belt pulley on the slide, and thus can play a role in the protection of the machine.

3, manufacturing and installation accuracy is not as strict as meshing transmission, easy maintenance, no lubrication.

4, by increasing the length of the belt to adapt to the larger working conditions of the center distance.

         Through the introduction of the above knowledge, I do not know whether you have to understand the transmission of V, if you have any questions, you can contact us, we will provide you with quality products and professional guidance.


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